Assurity Life Final Expense Insurance Review

Fill in the Customized Quote form on the left or call 614-402-5160 to get quotes and more details Assurity Life Insurance Company began about 120 years ago and is now headquartered in Lincoln Nebraska.  The products offered include Final Expense life insurance(burial insurance), Term and Whole Life insurance, Critical illness, Annuities and more. Assurity Life.. More

Aetna Final Expense Life Insurance

Fill out the form or call 614-402-5160 to get rates and detailed information Aetna Life and Health Insurance, is one of the Best Final Expense (burial insurance) companies because of their dedication to its policyholders, financial stability, competitive rates and underwriting guidelines.  Aetna is one of the only companies that an applicant can buy life insurance for.. More

Transamerica Final Expense Insurance Review

Fill out the form on the left or call 614-402-5160 to get personalized quotes and comparisons Transamerica Life Insurance is a great company to consider for a Final Expense, sometimes called a Burial Insurance policy.  The rates are competitive, but more importantly are the health conditions and height and weight they will accept, and they offer these.. More

Best Burial Insurance Plans

Fill out the form on the left or call now to search companies and get no hassle quotes Best Burial Insurance Plans (Final Expense Policies)    Assurity Life Aetna United of Omaha Transamerica Trinity Life Colombian Life Bankers Fidelity Life KSKJ Baltimore Life Royal Neighbors Sagicor United Home Life Gerber Life Motorists The BEST FINAL.. More

KSKJ Final Expense Insurance Review

Use the Customized Quote form for rates or details on KSKJ Final Expense Insurance KSKJ Life has the most competitive Final Expense Burial Insurance policies on the market today.  This company is making an enormous effort to build this block of business.  They experienced such a large influx of applicants over the last year that.. More

Combined Insurance Medicare Supplement Review

Call or fill out the Customized Quote for rates and more facts about the Combined Insurance Medicare Supplement Rates, rates, rates! Combined appears to be aggressively  trying to increase the number of Medicare Supplement policies.  That’s great news for anyone price shopping plans.  Right now they have some of the lowest rates in the states they offer.. More

Greek Catholic Union Medicare Supplement Review

Fill out the Customized Quote to get rates for the Greek Catholic Union Medicare Supplement The Greek Catholic Union (GCU) of the USA (originally founded as the Greek Catholic Union of Rusyn Brotherhoods) began on February 14, 1892 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. It was headquartered for the majority of the 1900’s in Homestead Pennsylvania, close to.. More

Transamerica Medicare Supplement Review

Fill out the Customized Quote to get rates for the Transamerica Medicare Supplement Transamerica Medicare Supplement offers plans A, C, F and N, but there may be certain restrictions on availability if you are in a Guaranteed Issue (GI)period. Transamerica rates their product 3 different ways depending on the state it is being offered.  The.. More

Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement Review

Use our Customized Quote form to get rates and more information on Manhattan Life Medicare Supplements Manhattan Life offers plans A,B,C,D,F,G,K,L,M and N but some states may differ.  They do not allow double coverage so if you are looking for a Medicare Supplement and not in the Medicare Part B Open Enrollment, you must submit documentation.. More