Why Best Quote Insurance?

Best Quote Insurance is like a specialty supermarket, with only the highest quality companies and policies for Life Insurance, Disability Income, Medicare Supplements, Long Term Care, Annuities, and Dental insurance. As a general agency, we are contracted with many companies for each product so you get the BEST QUOTE! We don’t have any incentive to offer you one company over another. We don’t have production goals to meet. And you won’t be pushed into a product you don’t need or want.

Confidence, trust, and service promote and further our long-lasting client relationships. We take every opportunity to honor our commitment to prompt, personal service when you have a claim, need professional advice, or just additional information about your policy. You’ll get the kind of service you deserve and should expect from your insurance agent.

How we help you choose the BEST policy for you.

We use a comprehensive database of companies to match your specific information and needs with the company that will give you the lowest rate for a high-quality policy. Price is not the only reason we use so many different companies. Some clients are more difficult to insure than others due to their high-risk medical conditions, military status, and legal issues even participation in what some companies consider hazardous activities like being a pilot.

We make it easy! Electronic communication is the way the world is doing business. No matter your home equipment, we’ll make it work. You don’t have to do business face-to-face at the kitchen table anymore. All you need is one of the following: a smartphone, fax, or scanner/printer. And, of course, good old snail mail still works too.

Who are our customers? We have two basic types of clients:

Customer # 1–The average customer who is shopping the rates, generally in good health, and looking for a company to provide them the highest level of coverage at the lowest rate. These are bottom-line smart shoppers who want someone else to spend the time on the research and feel confident that the leg work was done objectively on their behalf. We don’t promote one insurer over the other. We’re just getting them the best bang for their buck.

Customer #2—The high-risk, or more challenging customer with conditions like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, or a history of cancer. Many of these customers got the disappointing “I can’t help you” or “no one will insure you” answers from an agent. Sometimes they were wrongly encouraged to apply for a policy the agent knew they would get declined and tried to sell them an inferior approach instead. So many of our clients have told us …” you won’t be able to insure me,”… “It’s too expensive,”… “I’m too old.” Much to their surprise, we were able to help them get an affordable policy that was what they wanted. Not what the other insurance agent wanted them to buy. Just read what some of our customers had to say.

“March 21, 2020
Natalie Cooper did an outstanding job for me! She was very persistent in finding a lower rate for me and getting me qualified. When the first company rejected me because of a prescription I had been taking for years (misdiagnosed with dementia) but had quit taking, she suggested I get re-tested. I did so, and it proved I was okay and had initially been misdiagnosed…the culprit was sleep apnea. My doctor wrote a letter, which I forwarded to Natalie. Even with that documentation, the second company rejected me. Did that stop her from trying…no! She persisted and found a company that did accept me at a much lower rate! Most agents would have given up, but she did not. If you want an agent who will go all out and not take the easy “sorry I couldn’t help you route,” you need to talk to Natalie!
Sandy S.,” Mesa AZ

“I was then 78 years old and didn’t think I could get one….From the very beginning of our search for a policy that would be suitable, she encouraged me and insisted that she would find a policy that was right for me, and that’s exactly what she did…I have the same amount of insurance at a substantially lower premium.”
Gladys S., Urbana, OH

“…Natalie has been our adviser for several years. She has been instrumental in rearranging our finances, not only saving money but putting us in a much more favorable position with excellent ROI and growth.”
Suzanne H., Euclid OH

“When I first met her, she was at my mother’s house going over a lot of insurance papers…I was there because I did not know who she was…in other words I was very leery of her taking advantage of my elderly mother. But it only took a few minutes when watching and listening that my mind was put at ease. She is truthful, knowledgeable, kind and respectful. She will not try to talk you into anything you do not want. She always gets back to you as fast as she can; usually the same day with all the information you are seeking and also better ideas and ways to save money. My husband and I are so happy that she was put in our path when we needed her.”
Sandy and Terry S. Upper Arlington OH

“Purchased a policy today for an excellent monthly premium. I got the best customer service ever! Very helpful, friendly, and they tailored the right policy for my needs. Highly recommend. Thank you so much!
Michael R., Las Vegas NV


I come from a long line of insurance agents including my father, his brother and many of their 1st cousins. I grew up learning from Clement Stone, the founder of Combined Insurance Company of America who my dad and the rest of our insurance family worked for. W. Clement Stone is now a highly recognized motivational inspiration for many in the insurance industry. I recall being gathered around the dinner table and the whole family reciting his famous words—“I feel happy! I feel healthy! I feel terrific!” and to always have “PMA”—Positive Mental Attitude. Actually it was, and still is my father who is my role model. After recently celebrating his 80th birthday and reflecting on all I have learned from him, I can honestly say that it was my parents who gave me my core sense of integrity and ethics that still guide me through life and my career.

I grew up in Columbus Ohio and graduated with a BS in accounting with a double major in finance from Franklin University in 1990. A few years later in 1995, after moving to South Florida, I became a licensed insurance agent. The original intent was to work with my father in the tax deferred annuity and life insurance business, and move back to Ohio. Shortly after I became licensed, I realized my home at that time, would remain in south Florida. I began my career working with retiree groups including the City of New York, their unions and other large employers like Sears and AT&T who offered retiree benefits.

This was when I was first introduced to the senior market. I found real satisfaction in dealing with seniors and knowing that I may have been one of the few agents they worked with that put their best interest first. The laws pertaining to marketing to seniors were nearly non-existent and at that time and so many of my clients had been lied to, sold something they didn’t need or strong armed into a policy they could not afford. The feeling of truly helping a person get what they needed, putting some money back into their pocket and working with someone they felt they could trust was a great feeling.

After spending about 7 years working exclusively with seniors and specializing in Long Term Care, Annuities, Medicare and Final Expense, I branched out to two other areas to accommodate my client’s children that were asking me to help. Their kids were a natural progression and I began my entree into Term Life and Disability insurance. The insurance business has been such a rewarding experience for me. I know that I have truly changed people’s lives. This is where I’ll be for the remainder of my working years and I’ll hopefully pass the baton to another person who can enjoy what they do as much as I have.