United Home Life Final Expense Review

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United Home Life Insurance Company was established in 1948 along with it’s parent company, United Farm Family Life Insurance.  They heavily focus on the Simplified Issue life insurance including Final Expense Life Insurance (sometimes called burial insurance), but also offer Term, Whole Life and Accidental Death insurance.

United Home Life has earned an “A-” (excellent) rating with A.M. Best the  leading independent analyst of the insurance industry. An “A” rating is the third highest level out of 16. They have certainly learned the value of doing one thing exceptionally as all they do is Simplified Issue life insurance.

There are no medical exams, blood or urine testing or medical records for any of their products.  It’s as simple as completing a phone interview with our independent insurance agent.  Fill out the Instant Quote Form and we’ll have the interview done in a few minutes to find out if you qualify!

United Home Life is one of the best final expense (burial insurance) companies on the market especially for basic burial insurance. Many applicants will qualify for an immediate death benefit policy with them when other companies may completely decline or only offer a 2-3 year graded or modified period.

Because of the this extra level offered they can offer more people with serious illnesses that other companies can’t. There is power in numbers, so more is better to spread the risk of claims.

 United Home Life Final Expense offers 5 Levels of Simplified Issue Life Insurance

Provider is the first and top level of Whole Life insurance that United Farm Family Life offers. It is offered for ages 0-80, from $10,000 up to $150,000 $100,000 or $50,000 a depending on the age of the applicant.  There are two categories of rates available: Standard or Preferred.  The preferred rates are not available for tobacco users, but they only look back 12 for tobacco use.  If a person has not used tobacco or nicotine replacement products for more than 12 months, they can qualify for the Preferred rates. United Home Life Provider flyer

The Provider product is meant for people who are exceptionally healthy with no treatment for health problems in the last 10 years other than a minor cold or very minor temporary condition.  It’s still simplified underwriting, and goes down to $10,000 of coverage, and is one of the best priced (usually the best priced), simplified whole life insurance policies  for almost all age groups, ages and gender.

Final Expense Express Issue Premier is the next level, and what most applicants qualify for in the whole life category.  This product and the next two are what is marketed as Final Expense Insurance, although all that really means is a smaller amount of whole life insurance.  This is offered to ages 20-80.

United Home Life Express Issue flyer

  • Minimum death benefit – $5,000
  • Maximum death benefit – $100,000 ages 20-60, $50,000 ages 61-80
  • Immediate level death benefit

Final Expense Express Issue Deluxe is the 3rd level of Whole Life coverage available from United Home Life.

  • Ages 20-80
  • Minimum death benefit – $5,000
  • Maximum death benefit – $50,000
  • Immediate level death benefit
  • Slightly higher premium than the Premier product



Final Expense Express Issue WL is the fourth level of coverage offered it the applicant cannot qualify for the last three.  If death occurs during the first three years from an accident, the full death benefit will be paid.

  • Ages 25 – 80 (varies in some states)
  • Minimum death benefit – $2,000
  • Maximum death benefit – $25,000
  • Two year graded death benefit – Death benefit in years 1 and 2 is a return of premium plus interest

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life is the last level of coverage offered.  There are no health questions and it is still a whole life policy, not term.

  • Ages 45 – 75 (Nebraska 45-75)
  • Minimum death benefit – $5,000
  • Maximum death benefit – $10,000
  • Three year graded death benefit – Death benefit in years 1, 2 or 3 is a return of premium plus interest.  If death occurs during the first three years from an accident, the full death benefit will be paid.


The United Home Life Simplified issue Provider and Final Expense polices also offer coverage to applicants under the age of 50.  Over 50% of the companies don’t offer these polices to applicants under the age of 50, so it’s much less competitive and many times it’s very difficult to find a company that will accept them.

United Home Life is capturing younger, healthier lives with their  Premier and Provider policies that are not applying because the applicant in poor health, rather they want a small amount of coverage.  Younger healthier people who will typically pay into the policy for many years help to keep the claims ratios and reserves at better levels.

Where United Home Life Excels in qualifying for the Premier and  Deluxe Final Expense

  • Hospitalizations in the last twelve months for minor temporary conditions will not be counted as the a hospitalization. An example of this would be a hospitalization for a minor hernia or carpel tunnel surgery.
  • Combination of heart disorders or disease with insulin will still be accepted for an immediate death benefit.
  • Conditions as a result of diabetes like neuropathy or  retinopathy would not affect the rates.
  • Use of insulin only in the last two years will still get an immediate death benefit.
  • DUI or driver’s license suspension or revocation in the last ten years will qualify for the Deluxe policy.
  • Treatment for Schizophrenia or Bipolar Disorder in the last two years would get the level death benefit.
  • Currently on probation or parole, or felony convictions would still qualify for the Express Issue and not be a decline.
  • Any liver disease including Hepatitis B or C and kidney disease even with dialysis with in only the last two years will pass for the Express Issue.
  • Diagnosis, or preventive or risk lowering medications for heart disorder, circulatory disorders or stroke in the last two years will not affect the rates.
  • Treatment (other than medication) less the twelve months ago or diagnosis of cancer, heart attack, stroke or any heart surgery will only qualify for the Guaranteed Issue whole life.  If it has been more than 12 month but less than two years, the applicant could get the Express Issue.  Over two years qualifies for the Deluxe product.
  • Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, Dementia or cancer  in the last two years will qualify for the Express Issue policy.

This company can usually cover every person in the household and also has very affordable child riders to cover the kids.  Just a fantastic all around company. Call 614-402-5160 or fill out the form on the left for more details.

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