Best Medicare Supplement High Deductible F Plan

Save Over $1,000 on your Medicare Supplement plan premiums with the Medicare Supplement High Deductible F Plan Choosing a Medicare Supplement High Deductible F (HDF) plan is a cost effective way to have the best available benefits, after the $2,180 annual deductible is met.  Only a handful of companies offer this Medigap plan design, and.. More

Compare Medigap to Medicare Advantage Plans

Call now or submit a customized quote to get a SIMPLE five minute explanation! Both Medicare Supplements, sometimes referred to as Medigap Plans, and Medicare Advantage (MA) plans require that the person have Medicare Parts A and B. Part A (Hospital coverage) is earned during working years by paying Medicare taxes. It is awarded automatically.. More

Changing Medicare Plans

Get expert advice on changing Medicare plans–Call now or fill out the form on the left 5 things to look out for when changing Medicare plans Never assume your physicians and hospitals are in-network participating providers for 2017 just because they have been in previous years. Provider networks and Medicare Advantage plans renegotiate contracts yearly… More

Best Burial Insurance for age 80 and over

You really can buy life insurance even if you are 80 years old. Just fill out the form and click! I can’t tell you how many people think that they can’t get life insurance if they are over the age 80 or older.  Yes it may be a little more challenging than finding a policy.. More

Best Burial Insurance with COPD

Talk with an expert about Burial Insurance with COPD – Fill out the form or call now Tying to find a life insurance policy, at least traditional life insurance, can be tricky and nearly impossible if you’re not looking for the right plan.  We know that people with COPD along with any other health condition can.. More

Get Life Insurance After Beating Cancer

Can you really buy Life Insurance after beating cancer without a two year waiting period?  Call (614) 402-5160 to find out how. One of the most frightening things a person can hear their doctor say is…”you have cancer.”  Treatment for cancer has come a long way, and life insurance companies have come a long way.. More

Best Guaranteed Life Insurance

No health questions, no interviews, no exam – Fill out the Quote Form or call now to get rates for a Guaranteed Life Insurance policy. What is Guaranteed Life Insurance? It really doesn’t matter what the insurance company calls it, Guaranteed Issue, No Health Questions Asked, or Guaranteed Acceptance Final Expense insurance.  It all means.. More

Best Final Expense Insurance for Diabetics

Fill out the form to get quotes for the Best Final Expense Insurance for Diabetics Diabetes is one of the most common conditions today and can strike anyone.  It’s not just genetics, but what you eat and how you care for your body.  People who are being treated for diabetes require special attention when it.. More

Best Final Expense Plans That Accept Debit or Credit Cards

Call now or fill out the form to get the best Final Expense plans that accept debit or credit cards A large number of people looking for final expense burial insurance don’t have checking or savings accounts. Nearly all life insurance companies encourage policy holders to pay the premiums by EFT (electronic funds transfer) or.. More