Allstate Medicare Supplement Plan G Rates

This article contains information specific to Allstate Medicare Supplement Plan G prices.  If you are looking for Allstate Medigap rates, you’re in the right place because it means the same thing.  By then end of the article you’ll be able to make an informed decision if Allstate is a good fit for you, and if you’re ready to move to the next step.  You can also get rates for the other companies on this site to compare to as well.

Allstate rates are based on a lot of factors, including your state of residence, zip code, gender, and age.  There’s a few other things that determine the rate like being new to Medicare Part B, height/weight and and tobacco use.

How much is the average Medicare Supplement per month?

The examples below are real rates provided to by CGS Actuarial Systems by Allstate and were calculated on June 4, 2024 for coverage that begins July 1, 2024.  They are Standard Rates for Medigap Plan G without any discounts other than the 10% Annual Pay Discount.  Since most seniors pay Medicare Supplement premiums monthly,  we used the Annual Discounted Rate and divided it 12.   Think of this as if it were monthly for comparative purposes, and see how much you can save if you pay one time a year with Allstate.









AGE 65





AGE 70





AGE 75





AGE 80





AGE 85











AGE 65





AGE 70





AGE 75





AGE 80





AGE 85





Rates for new buyers can change at anytime, and not just at the beginning of a calendar year.  They can go up in certain zip codes, down in some and not at all in others.

Allstate allows you to lock in your rate up to six months in advance.  So even if they change the rates before your policy starts, you’ll get the lower rate.

You can get real time instant Medicare Supplement rates by using the quoting tool below.  You won’t inititially be able to see the name of the company, but a good rule of thumb is that Allstate will be one of the top 5 companies in most states.   If you pay your premiums annually instead of monthly or live with another adult at least age 50 there’s a good chance they’ll have the lowest premiums.  If the rates spark your interst, provide your name, phone number and email address and you’ll be able to see the company associated with the rate.

No worries…you won’t get inindated with phone calls, texts or emails by mulitple agents.  We know that if you made it to this page, you’re a real person and someone serious about their insurance.  Even if you’re not ready to apply and just curious with questions, that’s O.K. too.  We know that if we provide you with transparent no hassel service, you’ll come back when you’re ready.

Allstate Medicare Supplement Discounts

They have several discounts, but it depends on where you live if the discount is available and the actual discount percent.  Determining the exact amount without calculating rate on computer software is nearly impossible, but you can get a general idea by applying the percentages to the rates on the quoter below.

  • Household discount (3%-7%) if you live with another adult
  • Dual-Household discount (10%) if you are enrolling with a spouse or partner
  • Annual-pay discount (10%) 
  • Activity Tracker discount (5%) for registering your Fit Bit, Apple Watch or Google device – not available in Idaho, Ohio, and Texas
  • Preferred Select discount (5%) for non tobacco users who have not been treated for depression in the last 5 years and fall within the height and weight guidelines – not available in California, Minnesota or Ohio

Rates are zip code specific, so we can’t list every zip, age, gender, tobacco status, qualifying discounts….you see where I’m going with this.  You can see in the chart below some sample rates based on age in a few different cities in the US.

Is Allstate a good insurance company for Medicare Supplements?

Allstate is A+ rated by A.M. Best and is an excellent company for a Medicare Supplement. Allstate began in 1931 and is the 4th largest insurer in the United States.  They acquired National General Holdings Corporation out of New York for a whopping $4 Billion.

Allstate now has a strong lead over its competitors in the Medicare Supplement market.  We rate this as one of the Best 5 Medicare supplements!

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