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What Companies Have the Lowest Medicare Supplement Rates for 2024?

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Disclaimer:  The rates displayed are provided have been supplied by a external sources.  Insurance companies can change the current rates and they may not be reflected in the comparisons at the time you are looking at the quotes.  The quoting software is continuously updated but the rates are not guaranteed.

The major players in the Medicare Supplement market change every year.

The lowest prices depend on several factors:

      • The state and your zip code
      • Age
      • Gender
      • Tobacco Status
      • The plan you choose – Plans A, B, C, D, F, HDF, G, HDG, K, L, M or N

The most popular plans this year are plans G, F and N.  These plans cover the majority of charges and most companies offer all three plans.

Plan G – The highest Level of Coverage offered to individuals that became eligible for Medicare on or after January 1, 2020

Plan F – Covers the annual Part B Deductible that plan G does not, but available only if you were eligible for Medicare prior to January 1, 2020

Plan N – In addition to the Part B annual deductible, you can be charged up to $20 for an office visit and $50 for an emergency room if your not admitted.  You’ll want to make sure that your use  physicians aren’t charging “Excess Charges” for physician and other Medicare Part B services.  Most physicians don’t charge excess, but if your doctor is one that does, you may want to consider a G or F plan.

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