Accendo Medicare Supplement Review

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Accendo Insurance company is an Aetna affiliated company and part of CVS Health®. These are two great companies behind this product.  Accendo currently offers Medicare supplements and final expense life insurance.  If you’re interested in short term recovery care at home or in a facility or other products like dental and vision, we can help find another Aetna product to serve your needs.

The Accendo Medicare supplement plans are currently available in over 45 states.  These plans include A,B, F,G, and N.  You can only purchase an F plan if you had Medicare before January 2020, and some plans may not be available in your state.  If you have an F plan now with another company, you can change to the Accendo Medicare Supplement if you qualify.

*High Deductible plans F and G are unavailable with an Accendo Medicare Supplement. To learn more about these plans, please call (614) 402 5160 or CLICK here.

Accendo Medicare Supplement Household Discount

You may be eligible for a 14% discount if you purchase an Accendo Medicare Supplement. You can qualify for the discount if you live with another adult applying for an Accendo Medicare Supplement at the same time, or if they already have an Aetna or Accendo Medicare Supplement.

Sample Rates

Sample rates are for Plan G, Female non-tobacco, age 65 with the household discount. Rates vary by gender, age, zip code, tobacco use and household discounts.

  • Columbus Ohio $100.65
  • Garland Texas   $101.08
  • Greenville S.C.   $86.24
  • Tucson Arizona $111.04

Open Enrollment and Guarantee Issue Applicants

The Medicare Supplement open enrollment period begins the month you turn 65 and continues for another 6 months.  During this 7 month period, you can purchase any Medicare Supplement plan or company that is sold in the state you live in.  If you want to enroll after that time, you have to pass the health questions.  Unfortunately, some applicants can’t pass medical underwriting and don’t qualify.

If you’ve been covered by an employer or union plan you can purchase an Accendo Medicare Supplement without answering any health questions. If you didn’t enroll if the first 7 months, you’ll qualify for “Guaranteed Issue”.  Guarantee Issue is similar to Open Enrollment, but you may not be able to purchase any plan offered.  You can always choose to be medically underwritten and answer the health questions if the plan you want isn’t offered on a guaranteed basis.  Talk to our independent agents to help you make the best choice.

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Accendo Medicare Supplement Plan Choices


Covers the basics of Medicare including the Part A coinsurance for a hospital stay, but not the skilled nursing coinsurance after day 20.  It also pays the Medicare Part B 20% coinsurance but won’t cover the Part B deductible, foreign travel or Part B Excess Charges.

Plan A is a popular plan for people under 65.  Some people are eligible for Medicare because they have ESRD or they’ve been receiving Social Security Disability for at least 2 years.


Provides coverage for everything that Plan A pays for, plus the Part A deductible.


This is the highest level of coverage available, but the premium may be higher than the other plans too.  You can’t buy Plan F if you didn’t have Medicare prior to January 1, 2020.  It doesn’t matter what plan you have now.  Anyone who had Medicare before the cutoff can purchase plan F.


The Accendo Medicare Supplement Plan G is one of the most popular plans. It’s the most comprehensive plan for anyone to enrolled in Medicare after January of 2020.  It includes coverage for all the gaps in Medicare and has everything that Plan F covers, except the annual Part B deductible.  The G plan includes the Medicare parts A deductible, coinsurance for A and B, Part B Excess Charges and foreign travel at 80%.


Plan N pays for the hospital, skilled nursing and hospice and coinsurance and copays. You can be billed for up to a $20 copay for an office visit.  If you go to an emergency room and don’t get admitted, the hospital will charge you a $50 copay.  The most important thing about plan N is to be aware that it doesn’t cover any Excess Charges under your Medicare Part B.  These charges can be as high a 15% and have no limit.

If you get medical care in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island or Vermont, you can’t be charged the 15%.  If you get your medical care in any other state, it’s a good idea to ask your doctor’s office if they charge the Medicare Part B excess before you commit to a Plan N.

Accendo Fees and Rate Increases

One time policy fee

They charge a $25.00 policy fee with your first premium. The fee will be refunded along with the premium if you’re declined, or you decide not to accept the policy during the 30 day Free Look Period.

Rate Increases

Accendo is a new Medicare Supplement and there isn’t enough history yet to try and predict future rate increases other than an age increase. There are two types of rate increases, the first is an age increase.

Age increases are predictable and scheduled for each time you have a birthday. Claims (or inflation) increases are unknown and cannot be estimated.  Claims increases are calculated after the insurance company compares the amount of premiums collected to the amount of claims.

Rate increases vary in different parts of the country.  You can submit a Customized Quote request to find out more about Accendo’s past rate increases.

How to Apply for an Accendo Medicare Supplement

Fill out the form on the left.  We’ll call you back within a few hours. Or simply call us at (614) 402-5160 to speak with an agent.

The agent will use an on line e-application.  It’s the quickest and most efficient way to apply. You don’t need to print any forms.  Accendo gives you a choice of using a security question or an electronic signature that comes to your email.  You can still apply using a paper application that you physically sign and send through the mail, fax or email back.

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