KSKJ Final Expense Insurance Review

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KSKJ Life has the most competitive Final Expense Burial Insurance policies on the market today.  This company is making an enormous effort to build this block of business.  They are one of the most competitively priced companies if you are a tobacco or nicotine user.

KSKJ 2016 annual report

Not only are the rates at times the lowest on the market, the product is superior to many other companies. Take for example a person who has COPD and does not use oxygen. With this condition alone, they would likely qualify for an immediate, level whole life policy. All most all other companies would either decline the applicant or only offer a graded policy which limits the death benefit payable in the first 2-3 years.

If a 50 year old female with COPD could purchase a $10,000 whole life policy for $25.45 per month that pays 100% of the death benefit from day one, why would anyone purchase a $10,000 from another company for twice the cost and a death benefit that only returns the premiums paid in the first 2 years?

This is our first pick when it comes to Final Expense or Burial Insurance.  Final Expense and Burial Insurance are just different names for small amounts of Whole Life Insurance.  In our opinion, any type of term insurance should not be purchased for the purposes of paying funeral expenses.  Term insurance will eventually end and the policy holder can outlive the policy so make sure it’s some form of permanent insurance based only on Guarantees not assumptions.

KSKJ will insure many conditions that other companies will just decline.  We’ll talk more about specific health conditions toward the latter part of this article, but first I want to explain the three levels of benefits they offer.  The healthier you are, (according to their guidelines), the lower the rates.  Contact us to help determine what level you may qualify for.

SELECT-TIER ONE– An immediate death benefit policy that pays 100% of the benefit with no waiting period and the best available rate.

STANDARD- TIER TWO– An immediate death benefit policy that pays 100% of the benefit with no waiting period and a slightly higher premium than Level One.

MODIFIED- TIER THREE– A graded or modified policy that pays 110% of the premiums paid during year one and 40% to 65% of the death benefit depending on your age.

5 Reasons To Consider the KSKJ Final Expense plan

  1. Most other companies do not offer a second level of immediate benefits.  So it’s likely that KSKJ may offer a level benefit at a much lower rate due to the same condition that most other companies will only offer a return of premiums paid plus an average of 10%.  Even if the policy that an applicant qualifies for is the third level (Tier 3), it’s still a better policy because in the second year the beneficiary with get 40% to 65% of the face amount as compared to the other companies that just give a return of premium and a little interest.
  2. This company can’t be beat all the way around and have good solid financials.  The only draw back we have ever encountered is the fact that not many people who are shopping for insurance are familiar with the name.  Don’t let this deter you from considering KSKJ.  Out of all the big name final expense policies including Aetna, Omaha, Foresters and many more, if the person is ages 50 through 80, this is our first go to company.
  3. The KSKJ Final Expense plan is available for people age 50 to 80 at non-smoker and smoker rates for the three different policy levels.  The minimum amount available is $5,000 and it can go as high as $25,000.  It is a whole life policy so your premiums will never go up, and the coverage will never go down.
  4. Once KSKJ has approved and issued the policy, it can never be cancelled no matter how your health changes in the future.
  5. There are no medical questions, blood tests and most of the time no medical records are needed. Their decision is based on your application, a Medical Information Bureau report, a prescription history report and a telephone interview.  The first thing you need to do is make sure you fit within the height and weight guidelines. Although it’s very lenient KSKJ  now uses body mass guidelines which is common practice in this market.

For the most part, KSKJ is fairly lenient and the limits apply to both males and females. The next step is to make sure you do not have one of the “knock out” conditions.  If you have any of the following conditions, there is no coverage available through KSKJ and our independent agent will find the next best policy that you will likely pass.

Have you ever or are you now………..

  • Currently in the hospital, bedridden or ina any a nursing or long term care facility
  • Receiving home heath care, require assistance with activities of daily living including eating, bathing , dressing taking medications, toileting or moving around the house
  • Receiving hospice, confined to a wheelchair or in a correctional facility
  • Been advised to have or had an organ transplant
  • Receiving hospice
  • Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, dementia, Down’s syndrome, mental retardation, Huntington’s disease, spina bifida not surgically corrected, cerebral palsy, or Lou Gehrig’s (ALS)
  • Terminal illness expect to result in death in the next 12 months
  • Tested positive for HIV/AIDS/ARC
  • Taken insulin shots prior to the age of 30 (except for pregnancy), been in a diabetic coma, had insulin shock or had or been advised to have an amputation due to a disease

In the last 2 years………….

  • Been advised to have a surgery, hospitalization or test that has not yet been completed
  • Diagnosed, treated or advised to receive treatment for: kidney failure, liver failure, congestive heart failure, cirrhosis, cardiomyopathy, schizophrenia or psychosis, internal cancer, melanoma, leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, Hodgkin’s disease, or muscular dystrophy
  • Used oxygen due to a disease
  • Been in a correctional facility
  • Been arrested 2 or more times for a DUI/DWI or had your driver’s license suspended

In the last 5 years…………..

  • Been on or currently serving a term of parole, probation, or convicted of a felony

In most cases, alone without considering other conditions, KSKJ is the best bet for the following situations:

  • Parkinson’s
  • COPD or emphysema or chronic asthma, black lung or other pulmonary disorders without oxygen
  • Systemic Lupus
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Insulin dependent diabetics (no specific amount of insulin restriction)
  • Treatment for Hepatitis B, C or liver disease or cirrhosis over 18 months ago
  • Experienced heart related symptoms, treatments and surgeries over 18 months ago including valve repairs and circulatory disorder treatments and surgeries.

We have been able to help so many people get low rates and the coverage they want with KSKJ.  Take two minutes and call us at 614-402-5160 to see if you qualify.




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