Cigna Medicare Supplement Review

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Cigna  is an AM Best A rated insurance company that has roots going back over 200 years. INA, the founding CIGNA company, started as the very first Marine Insurance Company in 1792 insuring cargo being transported from Philadelphia to Ireland.  It wasn’t until 1982 that they became the widely recognizable company we know today insuring over 15 million people worldwide.  The name Cigna was taken from the merger of two companies; INA Corporation and Connecticut General Corporation.

Cigna Medicare Supplements are part of the Senior Supplemental Benefits division of the company. This division includes two other companies to provide Medicare Supplements: Loyal American and American Retirement Life Insurance Company (ARLIC).  The company that offers the Medicare Supplement varies depending on the state you live in. Cigna Senior Supplemental Benefits also offers a variety of policies including Medicare Supplements, Whole Life Insurance, Cancer, Heart Attack & Stroke, Critical Illness and  Accident insurance.

Below is a snapshot of Cigna’s financial’s taken from their 2017 annual report.


Which Cigna Medicare Supplement Plans are Available to You?

If your are age 65 (or turning 65 in the next 6 months), you can apply for a Cigna Medicare Supplement policy. If you live in certain states, the name of the company may be Loyal American or American Retirement Life. Most states only offer attained age policies. This means that your rates will increase each year slightly as you get older. If you are new to Medicare Part B, or recently lost other coverage, you will get the PREFERRED rate for your age regardless of your health.  Tobacco users may also get the non-tobacco rate depending the state you live in.

Only certain states offer coverage for people with Medicare who are under the age of 65.  We can help determine if you’re eligible for a Cigna Medicare Supplement if this is your situation. Different rules apply in each state and not all plans are available.  For example, if you are under 65 and live in the state of Texas you may qualify to purchase Medigap plan A but not F, G or N.

If you’r 65 or older and retired, and you recently lost or will lose employer coverage,  you have the right to buy certain plans according to the state you live in. Most states require that Cigna or it’s affiliate offer’s plans A, B, C or F. A company can choose to offer other plans, but not required to.  You must apply for coverage within 63 days of your coverage terminating or the notice that informs you your coverage is terminating. Which ever is later.

You may qualify for a 7% Household discount if you live with another person who also applies, or already has a Cigna Medicare Supplement policy. You can apply for cover up to 180 days before you want the coverage to start, but in some situations, you may need proof that your prior coverage has ended or will end.

Cigna won’t accept checks from anyone else but you or a family member. Third party checks from a company or charitable organization will not be honored. The check must be from a personal checking account.

There are several ways to apply, but the best way is to use an independent agent. The agent can help you determine which plan Cigna offers will benefit you the most. In some states both Cigna and American Retirement Life is offered and you may get a better rate with one than the other. Sometimes there are different health questions and you may not qualify for Cigna, but they might accept you under one of the other companies.

If you are applying over the phone with the agent, this is the quickest and easiest method. You won’t have sign any paperwork and the agent will connect you directly with Cigna on the phone to complete the application. You’ll actually do a voice signature and the agent will file the appropriate paperwork for you.

Medical Underwriting

If your not new to Medicare Part B, or losing other coverage and in a guaranteed issue situation, you’ll have to pass the health questions and the height and weight guidelines.  We’ve provided a sample height and weight chart to check. If you don’t meet these requirements, call (614) 402-5160 and we’ll help you find a company that will.

You can see that Cigna is very generous on the height and weight requirements, so if you have had a problem finding a company that will accept you, this could be an option.

The following is a summary of the medical conditions that are no longer declinable, but you may fit into one of two more categories with a higher rate.  This makes Cigna one of the best medicare supplement companies when it comes to getting around certain medical conditions.  Please note that not all states allow companies to charge higher rates if you are a tobacco user and have certain conditions. If the state you live in allows an adjustment in rates for certain conditions, you may still qualify even if one of the following is true.

  • You’re a tobacco user and have diabetes
  • Diabetics who take less than 3 high blood pressure medications
  • Someone with Diabetes who is over the maximum weight
  • If you’re over the maximum weight and have certain heart or circulatory problems
  • You are a tobacco user and have heart or circulatory conditions

Extra Benefits from Cigna Medicare Supplement Plans

Extra services are no offered in all states so please call us to go over the availability. These benefits are not part of the Medicare Supplement, they are provided by a third party.

  • SILVER & FIT – You can join a participating health club and pay a reduced rate of $25 per month. For people who prefer to excersize at home, you can choose 2 home fitness kits out of 15 options per year. The cost is $10 each.
  • Vision Benefits – Includes discounts at Pearle Vision, Sears and JC Penny.
  • Discounts on Hearing aids at HearPO and and others.
  • Discounts on Chiropractic, massage and acupuncture.
  • Discounts for weight management like Jenny Craig.
  • A $100 credit if you use one of there participating hospitals for an inpatient stay. You can go to any hospital that accepts Medicare, but if you use one on the list, you’ll get a credit towards future premiums.

If you want to find out more about the Cigna Medicare Supplement plans, please fill out the quote form or call (614) 402-5160 and talk with a licensed independent agent.

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