KSKJ Medicare Supplement Review

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KSKJ Medicare Supplement 

 As with all other Medicare Supplement companies, if you are seeking coverage if you are not in Open Enrollment or a Guaranteed Issue period, you will have to pass the medical underwriting. KSKJ’s underwriting includes answering the health questions yes or no. If any questions are answered yes, then the application will not be approved.

One of the most difficult underwriting criteria to pass is the height and weight. Most other companies have maximum and minimum weights according to your height. The KSKJ Supplement does not as about your build, so if you have had difficulty finding a company this may be the best Medicare Supplement to accept you because of this, have your agent take a hard look at this product. On the flip side of ease is difficulty. Unlike most other companies that only look back 12 months, if you have used any form of tobacco in the last 5 years you only will qualify for the tobacco rates.

The following are a few reasons you may be accepted for a KSKJ Medicare Supplement and not other company:

  • Kidney insufficiency or disease with no kidney dialysis in the last 2 years
  • Diabetes without more than 50 units of insulin per day or complications of diabetes including but not limited neuropathy, kidney disease, peripheral vascular disease or a heart condition
  • Combination of diabetes with well controlled high blood pressure with no more that 2 medications for each, and no changes in dosage
  • Coronary or carotid artery disease and peripheral vascular disease with no change in medications, treatments or surgeries for five years

Unless an application is completed during an open enrollment or guaranteed issue period, all health questions must be answered NO other than than coronary or carotid artery disease or peripheral vascular disease.  In this case the question should be answered yes with an explanation and it will be considered for approval.

About the Company

KSKJ is one of the best Medicare Supplements in the industry. Not only because of prompt attention to service their policyholders and quality of the insurance products, but their true human investment in the communities that they serve. KSKJ was originally started by Rudolph Krasovec still currently the Financial Chair of the Board of Directors. KSKJ Life was formed by immigrants who came to the United States from Slovenia and was formed in Joliet Illinois in 1894.

The founders like many others were labors in the steel mills and mine which unfortunately had a high occurrence of tragedies. KSKJ was formed to help protect the families of these men and women who lost their lives. Many had no other source of income or funds to pay for their burials or provide food, shelter or clothing.

Because KSKJ is a non-profit organization, instead of paying profits to shareholders they give back to the communities they operate in. KSKJ has scholarship programs that help send members to college and give back through our charitable giving and match programs including “Music and Memory”, a program that provides ipads to facility residents suffering from Alzheimer’s to stimulate their memory. There are so many other programs to help clean up and restore communities, pay tribute to our fallen soldiers and volunteering at nursing homes and homeless shelters.

KSKJ is now has one of the fastest asset base growing fraternal organizations in the United States and in 2014 and surpassed a record breaking 400 million in assets. KSKJ was originally intended to provide benefits to Catholic Slovenians but has since opened the doors to all of their insurance products including Medicare Supplements, Term and Whole Life, Final Expense and Annuities if the applicant becomes a member of KSKJ if they are Baptized Christian or if their spouse is a current member in good standing.

There are no dues to become a member of KSKJ as with most other fraternal organizations.  When the applicant becomes a policy holder, they will be assigned a chapter and are automatically given membership that comes with additional benefits.

  • Discounts for hearing aids and tinnitus treatment products
  • No cost annual hearing exams
  • A national network of 3,000+ hearing locations
  • A one-year supply of batteries (40 cells per hearing aid purchased)
  • One-year of free office visits (limit of 6)Free Deluxe Warranty Plan, including loss and damage
  • Financing plans (subject to approval)

One benefit that is not covered by Medicare are hearing aids.  As a KSKJ member, you can enroll in the American Hearing Benefits (AHB). This no cost hearing benefits program provides free hearing consultations and discounts on hearing aids.


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Sometimes the most unrecognizable companies are the best option.  There are many different companies that offer Medicare Supplement (Medigap) policies and most people won’t recognize the majority of them.  A number of companies do a tremendous amount of advertising either on the television, internet and largely by mail.  The Omaha family of companies, Humana, and Anthem (the “Blues”) just to name a few, spend millions each year.

The smaller companies usually depend on insurance agents to promote their products, and in turn that could save the consumer a significant amount of money by offering their rates lower.  Yes there is power in numbers, but it’s also nice to deal with a smaller company that employs people right here in the United States that you or your agent and talk to, and actually get personal one on one assistance.  Nothing is more frustrating to a beneficiary or an agent than never being able to talk to an actual person that can resolve an issue.

KSKJ is one the most agent and consumer friendly companies to deal with.  They really do focus on the human element and don’t treat their policy holders as if they were insignificant and just another number.  Call us at 614-402-5160 or fill out the Customized Quote to get more information.

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