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Prosperity Life Insurance Group, LLC first incorporated in 2009.  Although the home office is in Austin Texas, it consists of several subsidiaries based in different states.  In Mississippi and some other states is sold under S.USA Life Insurance Company, Inc. out of Arizona, SBLI USA Life Insurance Company domiciled in New York and Shenandoah Life Insurance Company from Roanoke, VA.  Don’t confuse SBLI USA life with SBLI of Massachusetts, a leading life insurance company. They are completely unrelated to each other.

Prosperity Life Group products are offered by various different marketing organizations and their licensed agents.  Prosperity Life has been doing a great job most recently by aggressively gaining a strong presence in the Medicare Supplement market.

The Prosperity Life Group is Financially Strong demonstrated by their A.M. Best A- rating. (A- means Excellent, 4th highest of 15 ratings) with a Stable Outlook. Prosperity $16 billion of life insurance in-force, $225 million in capital and surplus, $2.6 billion of assets and approaching 350,000 policies.  Their assets have increased by more than 50% over the past 5 years, and their operating gains almost tripled in the same amount of time – A great indication that they are making sound financial decisions which adds to their financial stability.

Our focus is the Medicare Supplement policy that recently came out with a BANG!…anyone interested in the F plan needs to check out the rates.  The F plan under Prosperity Life is most often times priced lower than the competition’s G plan which is the next plan down in benefits.  If you are a price shopper, particularly if you are around age 70-ish and trying to find a low priced F plan, don’t ignore this company.

We recommended taking a peek at other companies after your rates have increased to a significantly higher rate then when you first purchased it. For most, this happens about 5 years after you first purchase your Medicare Supplement. We always recommend checking your options every time the policy increases by more than 10%.  If your policy has gone up by more than 50%, it’s time to see if you can lower your rates and for those of you 70 and older, don’t skip looking at the group of Prosperity Life Medicare Supplement companies.  Their low rates make them one of the best Medicare Supplements available.

What’s about all the fuss with plan F ending in 2020?

First of all, there a many in the industry that believe the F rates won’t skyrocket when Medicare pulls the plan for new buyers.  Understand that anyone who has a Medicare Supplement plan F can keep it.  It seems that Prosperity Life is aggressively looking for new buyers that they hope will stay with them for years to come.

One theory is that the group of people who have the F plan firstly had to be healthy enough to get into the plan in their 70’s so the hopes are that they remain healthy. In addition, they anticipate that as the group get’s older, people will die off simply because of attrition therefore eliminating the most unhealthy portion of the group.

Because Prosperity Life is offering such low rate for the Plan F, it’s hard not to assume that they want to capture as many Medicare Supplement Plan F policy holders as possible before Plan F is no longer available.

Enroll Over the phone

With the ever changing Medicare Supplement market, Prosperity Life offers highly competitive rates, a dedicated customer service line to talk with a live person and you don’t even need to fill out a paper application or be face to face with the agent.  Our licensed, independent agents can enroll you right over the phone. It’s quick, easy and completely hassle free.  This helps to eliminate missing information and you’ll know immediately if you are there are little or no follow up involved in the process.  Simply call 614-402-5160.  Prior to the call you should have the following ready:

  • Address and phone number of your primary care physician (the doctor who manages your ongoing conditions).
  • Policy # and name of the company you currently have. Be sure to check your card or policy for the correct plan.
  • Termination date of your existing policy you would prefer. If you’re not sure, the agent will help you coordinate when you should start the new plan.
  • The account you want to use to pay your premiums.  You can use either a checking or savings account. Be ready to provide the bank name, routing and account numbers.  The address and phone number of the bank are not needed.
  • Make a list of your medications. Be sure to include your dosage amount and how many times per day you take the prescription drug.
  • Write out a list of what you are medically being treated for.  You will want to know when you first were diagnosed with the condition or how many years ago you were last treated for it.  Include anything you had a treatment, surgery, took medication for or were diagnosed with.
  • Provide an accurate Height and Weight

This information will be used to determine if you would qualify for the Prosperity Life Medicare Supplement plans.  If the agent thinks that based on the information you provided matches the criteria, your enrollment would be complete in the next 15 minutes.

Other Products Available Through Prosperity Life

In addition to the Prosperity Life  Medicare Supplement, the also offers a variety of life insurance products including Term Life insurance, Income Continuation Term, Renewable & Convertible Term, Simple Issue Term, Whole Life and Single Premium Universal Life. For those looking for a long term investment they use a limited portfolio of Fixed Annuities.

Prosperity Life’s Medicare Supplement is just a portion of their Health Insurance products.  If you want to fill the need for Cancer Insurance, Accident Insurance and Critical Illness.  The Critical Illness will pay a benefit when you are diagnosed with an illness like a heart attack or stroke. It not only pays you the first time you are stricken with one of the covered illness, but it will also payout if it happens again.

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About Best Quote Insurance

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